Anne Mullens is health care consultant, freelance health writer, author and editor who lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

865312-915202-thumbnail.jpg She is now the founder and owner of Santé Communications Group, a full-service communications and media relations company in Victoria BC whose major clients include the Specialist Services Committee, a joint committee of government and doctors. You can see more about Santé at

From 2009 to April 2013 she was the Managing Editor of Victoria Boulevard Magazine. She continues to write for the European editions of Reader's Digest and for travel and lifestyle magazines, specializing in health and wellness.

Anne has won more than a dozen Canadian awards for her writing. She has also written two critically acclaimed books, Missed Conceptions (1990) and Timely Death (1996), which won the Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction. One of  Anne's award-winning magazine pieces was recently selected as part of a Canadian anthology of exemplary feature writing depicting compelling storytelling with "clarity of purpose, meticulous reporting and evocative, crystal-clear writing."

Throughout her 30-year career she has specialized in complex medical and scientific feature writing, but loves to do travel, food and recreation features on the side. Her travel writing has appeared in Boulevard, British Columbia Magazine, The Globe and Mail, La Vie Claire, Alaska Airlines Magazine and the Vancouver Sun and Victoria Times Colonist. She was a frequent contributor to the Seattle P.I.'s travel section, specializing in outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest until the newspaper closed in winter 2009.

In spring 2009, Anne became associate editor of Victoria's Boulevard Magazine, the region's leading lifestyle magazine. In April 2010, she assumed the post of managing editor, taking the magazine from a bi-monthly to a monthly publication, and along with associate editor Vivian Smith, establishing national reporting and writing standards in a regional magazine.

Anne also does contract writing and research for government and private clients, ghostwriting, as well as writing and research for television, film and radio documentaries. In the fall of 2007 Anne pitched, researched, wrote, and narrated the radio documentary: "Where Have All The Tenors Gone?" for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation's popular show "IDEAS."

In the fall of 2009, Anne began working with the General Practice Services Committee as a communications consultant. The GPSC's mandate is to find a solution to the crisis in family doctors and to support the full service family physician in British Columbia with the ultimate aim that every person in BC who wants one has a family doctor. Anne firmly believes that primary care is and must be foundation of a good, cost-effective health care system. Anne is now working with the Specialist Services Committee to help communicate the rationale and findings of 21 different Quality and Innovation projects in specialist care. She is also working with the Interior Health Authority's Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative.

You can reach Anne through her email: annemullens at (Replace the written at with the "at" symbol.)