Anne Mullens is an award-winning Canadian journalist, freelance writer, and author. Born and raised in Southern Ontario, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science (University of Guelph, 1980) and a Bachelor of Journalism (Carleton University, 1982). In 1982 she moved to British Columbia and joined the Vancouver Sun where she worked for 11 years, spending most of that time as the newspaper's medical and science reporter. In 1993 she became a freelance writer and spent 17 years writing for numerous North American magazines and newspapers including Reader’s Digest, the Globe and Mail, The Seattle Post Intelligencer, British Columbia Magazine, Best Health, BC Business Magazine, National Post Business Magazine, University Affairs, La Vie Claire, Alaska Airlines Magazine and others. In 2009 she joined Victoria's Boulevard Magazine as Managing Editor.

During her freelance career Anne also wrote complex health reports for the Office of the Provincial Health Officer, the multi-party Select Standing Committee for Health , Health Canada and the Canadian Public Health Association.

During her career she has won a dozen national awards for her writing and reporting, including two Canadian Science Writer's Awards, a Southam Fellowship, a Michener Award, the Southam President’s Award, the Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy, the Webster Broadcast Fellowship, and a National Magazine award. She is the author of two books, Missed Conceptions (McGraw Hill, 1990) which was an in depth examination of infertility and reproductive technologies, and Timely Death (Knopf, 1996) an examination of euthanasia, assisted suicide and medical decisions at the end of life. Timely Death won the 1997 Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction. Her 2007 CBC Ideas radio documentary, Where have all the tenors gone? has been rebroadcast multiple imes on CBC.

Anne is a singer, chorister, and an ardent supporter of the musical arts. She paints watercolours, grows an organic vegetable garden, plays guitar and loves to get out paddleboarding on Victoria's waters.

The mother of two grown daughters, Anne lives in Victoria BC with her husband, Global TV reporter Keith Baldrey, and their aging Shiba Innu dog, Teddy.