Anne Mullens is the author of two Canadian books. 

Timely Death: Considering Our Last Rights; Knopf Canada, 1996 (ISBN:0 0394280849)  - An indepth exploration of choices at the end of life, using the moving narratives of real individuals to illustrate the complex social, legal, medical and ethical issues at play around the right to die. Winner of the 1997 Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction

Critical praise for Timely Death:

865312-933385-thumbnail.jpg"Timely Death is a wonderful book. I didn't think I wanted to read it, but I will be forever grateful that I did." - June Callwood

"A thoughtful and well researched account of the right-to-die debate. Anne Mullens informs us, moves us emotionally to greater sympathy with other people, and helps us to think our way to our own decision." - Edna Staebler Jury.

"Anne Mullens has done Canadians a service by writing this book. An excellent introduction to the subject, her book is both comprehensive and a pleasure to read... It is hard to forget the personal narratives found here. Rating: Excellent. Weaknesses: None." - Glenn Griener, PhD, Division of Bioethics, University of Alberta, Canadian Medical Association Journal Review, March 1997

"Anne Mullens pushes aside hospital curtains to give us this definitive look at the state of dying in Canada. Previously she authored a much-acclaimed series on euthanasia in the Toronto Star. Since then she has interviewed hundreds of experts, held the hands of the dying and overcome her own superstitions and change her opinions on one of the most volatile issues of the day."- Pamela Wallin. 


Missed Conceptions: Overcoming Infertility; McGraw Hill, 1990 (ISBN:000075498855) - Looks at the historical, social, emotional and medical aspects of infertility in both men and women, including an unblinkered look at treatment options such as surgery, fertility drugs, donor insemination, invitro fertilization and the painful decision to stop treatment.

Critical praise for Missed Conceptions 

"Ms. Mullens has taken considerable care to research the subject in depth and from her research provides a balanced point of view. Her information is accurate and she does not shrink from highlighting areas of controversy where such areas exist. For the practicing physician, there is no more pleasant situation than the informed couple who wishes to work in collaboration with their doctor to try and resolve the problem of infertility" -- PJ Taylor, MD, FRS(C), FRCOG