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Fit, tanned and vigorous

 They pedal the touristy streets of Victoria British Columbia, fit youthful men and women on big tricycles called Kabuki Kab pedicabs with seats for two or four passengers in the back. Using leg and lung power alone, they taxi tourists between hotels, bars, and restaurants, or give funny and informative tours of the city’s checkered history and stunning landmarks.

And for some reason I can’t explain, I have always wanted to be a Kabuki Kab driver.

As each summer passed since I moved to Victoria in 1991, I would watch them – fit and tanned and vigorous – smiling and laughing in the sun as they pedaled furiously around the Inner Harbour while tourists lounged happily in the back. But my secret desire seemed nuts: each year I told myself I was too old, too physically weak, too established in my writing career and middle-class life to do something so strenous, bohemian and sweaty.

But this summer I’ve said to hell with all that. Six months short of my 50th birthday, it is now or never. I have put my heart, lungs and legs into becoming the oldest, fittest and most successful female Kabuki Kab driver in Victoria history. (And my friends divide into those who think I am certifiably nuts and those who secretly envy me.)

Will I be able to haul big tourists around hilly Victoria? Will I get fit enough to take two adults up the murderous 15 block climb to Rockland’s Craigdarroch Castle? Will I make money or go broke?

Hop on and come for a ride. Let’s see what happens in my summer of kabuki kabbing.

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