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Trying to get a sitter at Rideau Cottage 

Recently, Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire have come under fire for having two nannies on the payroll of the Prime Minister's staff. Here is what life might be like if they had to arrange sitters for evening childcare. 

"Honey, we've got that state dinner with the Thai Delegation next Thursday, have you lined up Emily?

 "Well, I called her but she has an exam. So then I tried Sarah, but she's getting her wisdom teeth pulled that morning." 

"How about Jessica? The kids love Jessica."|

 "Jessica? You said 'Never again!' for Jessica after she tried to sneak her boyfriend past security!..."

 "Oh yeah ...right....What about Hannah?"

 "Well, we really need someone who drives, because Xavier has judo after school and needs to be picked up."

 "My mom could pick up Xavier. She could stay with them over dinner. The whole night is too much for her, but then Hannah could do it for the rest of the evening....Mom would love that."

"We're using your Mom way too much. I know she likes it, but then my mom gets feeling all left out and I never hear the end of it. Every time she calls she says, in that way of hers, 'I wish I could be closer. I see on Facebook that Margaret is doing this and that with the kids.' I honestly don't need that right now. "

"Well, Xavier could miss judo.  Then we could get Hannah."

"He loves judo! And I don't want him to miss any more. He really needs it right now. We've had so much change and upheaval.  And, besides,  I don't want Hannah..."

"What's wrong with Hannah?" 

"She always leaves a mess and I think she spends more time texting friends then interacting with the kids. "

 "Hannah's great. I like her."

 "Of course you do,  she flirts outrageously with you!  'Mr. Hottie Prime Minister'  And you lap it up!  Just watch it,  buster! I've been thinking of setting up a Teddy-cam."

 "Oh for godsakes ...Okay,  so we won't use Hannah. ...

 The next day.

"We still don't have a sitter? Why don't you call Catherine McKenna, she's got three young kids, maybe she has some names..."

Sophie calls.

"Hey Catherine, it's Sophie..... Oh just great thanks,  how 'bout you? Ready for Christmas?.... No, me neither. .. Well that's what we get for going to Paris to fix climate change so close to the holidays, eh? (light-hearted laugh).

"Look, I won't keep you, I know you're really busy with the whole Environment portfolio.  We've got this state dinner with the Thai delegation next Thursday.... Oh, you're going, too? Of course!... Look we've gone through our list and no one's available....Have you got any names? .... Oh yeah? .. Uh huh....Sounds interesting....

Writes down a name and number.

Have you used her? .... No? Well okay....  Thanks so much. Hey, hope to see you at yoga! Bye Bye."

"Okay, so Catherine says the ambassador of Madagascar has a teenage daughter who's keen to do some sitting so she can get out of the house. ...She's fluently bilingual, so that's great. Catherine doesn't know anybody who's used her yet, but she was talking to another mom at Rockland Kindergym last week and got her name and cell. Maybe we should give her a try....?

"Well if you think so..."

"Well, she has a car with diplomatic plates so parking outside of judo won't be a problem. That can be such a nightmare at 5:30 pm.

Calls number

"Hello is this Hanitra? It's Sophie Gregoire, the prime minister's wife.....Well, thank you, yes,  we were very pleased with the election results.

"Look, I hear through some Rockland Moms that you do some babysitting... You do? Great! Are you free next Thursday night?  

"Well that's fantastic..... We'd need you at 5pm. You'd have to put Ella-Grace and Hadrien in your car —we'll leave the car seats out.  Then you'd go pickup of Xavi from judo at 5:30. The cook will have dinner all prepared, but you'd have to eat with the kids. Is that okay? ... Oh that's just wonderful. We'd likely be home before 1 am.

"You're double time after midnight?  No, no,  that's just fine, makes sense on a school night. Look I'll  let security know your coming and they will buzz you in at the gate. And I'll text you the address for the judo .... Great. See you Thursday. Bye-Bye."

(Big sigh) "Okay, that's got next Thursday covered.....Now when's that dinner with the Obamas?





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